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Psilocybe atlantis is a rare psychedelic mushroom that contains psilocybin and psilocybin as main active compounds. It is a close relative of Psilocybe mexicana and has been recorded only from Georgia.[1] It has a pleasant taste and smell.

While naturally rare it is often cultivated for its psychedelic properties.

Psilocybe Atlantis is a Magic Truffle discovered in Georgia in the United States. It is related to Truffle Mexicana but much stronger. These quite potent Truffles give a euphoric and very creative high that makes you see things from a new perspective. Very strong in visuals, sometimes energizing and can be enlightening in high doses.


The cap is 2.5–4 cm in diameter, conic to convex, and smooth to slightly striate, sometimes with a small umbo. The cap surface is pale brown to reddish brown in color, hygrophanous, and bruises blue where damaged.
Its gills are subadnate, thin, and brown.
The stipe is 5 cm by .3 cm. It has an equal structure and is brownish with small brown scales, especially towards the base. The stipe also bruises blue where damaged.
Psilocybe atlantis spores are 9 x 6 x 5.5 μm with a broad germ pore.

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No vacuum seal why? – Storage how? – Blue colouring – White puff – Drying

Our magic truffles are not intentionally vacuum sealed. This way, they can be stored even after opening the zipper bag. A white puff can come out of it which is none other than the mycelium of the truffle itself, more or less certain. This shows that they are still fresh (and alive) and that they are protecting against decomposition. At higher temperatures, the process is faster. This flaky white mycelium is eaten like truffles and mushrooms. With us you bring them to life instead of the ‘dead’ versions from vacuum sealing.

You can keep our magic truffles in the refrigerator for several weeks if you take care that they do not dry out but still be able to breathe. Simply leave the zipper bag open but folded or close it with a pencil to allow the truffles to breathe without drying out. Partial drying in the refrigerator will give green mould an opportunity to attack them. Common green mould is their No. 1 ‘enemy’. The blue colouring indicates the presence of psilocybin, one of the active substances.

All magic truffles contain a high dose of psilocybin, so the effects are all more or less similar. Some sources suggest that one variety offers more ‘visuals’ than others, or that another is more ‘talkative’. But such variations mainly depend on consumers and their expectations. The effects will be felt 15-45 minutes after consumption, depending on the dose and what you have eaten before, and will last 4-6 hours. A typical trip consists of an intense period, stagnation and a gradual descent to sobriety. Effects include: hilarity, change in perception of colours and sounds, introspective thoughts, feeling of universal connectivity, waves of energy running through your body, vivid visions with closed eyes.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are depressed or if you are undergoing medical treatment or in combination with other stimulants or alcohol. Avoid driving motorized vehicles. Not suitable for under 18s. If it’s your first time, it’s best to stick with an experienced friend in case you get anxious or nauseous. Do not take a dose again for at least a week – not because it is dangerous, but because it is a waste of money! The body quickly builds up a tolerance against psilocybin, so taking a dose too soon after the previous one will have no effect.
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