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Magic Truffles Utopia is one of our strongest magic truffle strains, it can give you an extremely intense trip. A return ticket to the Utopia is perhaps the best way to describe it. Much like Psilocybe Hollandia, this strain has a growth time of around 10 months, so the percentage of psilocybe and psilocybin peaks.

In a world where taking a break from daily life is harder than ever, magic truffles Psilocybe Utopia ease the burden. A short excursion with these truffles is enough to reset the mind and spirit, without actually leaving the comfort of your own home.

Unlike magic mushrooms (fruiting bodies), magic truffles grow underground as sclerotia—dense nuggets of psychoactive power. Despite this difference from their aboveground counterparts, Utopia magic truffles contain the same compounds responsible for inducing a vivid psychedelic trip (psilocybin, psilocin, etc.).

To help them reach peak potency, Magic Truffles Utopia are left to mature for around 10 months before being harvested.


Psilocybe Utopia was born out of a desire to maximise all aspects of a psychedelic trip—intensity, duration, visuals, and more. Similar to Psilocybe Hollandia, Utopia is geared toward experienced psychonauts looking for a quick trip to another dimension.

With a strength rating of 5/5, you know these little nuggets are packing some serious power. Of the 15g pack, just 5 grams is enough to notice its range of effects, with 7.5 grams being a moderate dose. Anything higher is sure to send newbies a bit too far into orbit, while experienced psychonauts will be able to bathe in Utopia’s blissful vibes.

Magic Truffles Utopia Dosage, Concentration And Use:

Magic Truffles Utopia is together with Psilocybe Hollandia, the strongest variety in our range of magic truffles. Half a 15 gram packet is enough for some people for a powerful trip. For most people an amount of 2-3g (fresh) is sufficient to feel its effects well. We often hear that people don’t like the taste of magic truffle, luckily Psilocybe Utopia tastes great. These magic truffles have a nutty taste and are a little less sour. The easiest way is to eat them (chew them well). Another way is to make tea with them. Let the magic truffles sit in hot water for 20 minutes. Do not let the water boil it causes rapid degradation of psilocybin. After 30-60 minutes, the first effects are already felt. In fgeneral,

Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.


But just what is it like visiting Utopia? While every user’s experience may vary, Psilocybe Utopia is known to induce a creative, euphoric, and highly visual experience. Lower doses will have you grinning from ear to ear and bursting out into the giggles at the peak of the experience, while larger doses will deepen the joy and bring on trippy visuals.

There are no bad vibes in Utopia, and even if you do encounter some unpleasant sensations, you’re sure to return back to Earth soon enough, hopefully with some fond memories of your excursion.

Why choose Psilocybe Utopia over other varieties? If you desire sheer potency and strength, this option will get you to a higher plane more effectively than nearly any other.


Psilocybe Utopia is a very powerful magic truffle. Pay attention to the dose, especially if you are not familiar with the effects of psilocybin. Magic truffles are only intended for people over 18 years old. Use them in a quiet environment with people you know and trust. Do not drive under the influence of psilocybin. The effects of magic truffles are different for each person, for this it is best to start with a low dose to test your sensitivity. Do not use magic truffles if you are depressed. Do not use magic truffles in combination with other psychotropic drugs. Please see our magic truffle information pages.




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