Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit


Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit For Sale

Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit at a reduced price. Growing mushrooms is easy! Estimating what our valued customers will purchase is less straightforward. Sometimes random strains will get close to their maximum shelf life but can still produce plenty magic mushrooms.

We do not like to throw out good grow kits, therefore we offer them for a reduced price before they expire. Order today and receive a random cubensis magic mushroom grow kit.

Get yourself a good deal on these grow kits. The best before date is getting close and we do not want to waste them and throw them away when the time comes *


Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit contains active magic mushroom spores called mycelium. Mycelium is the snow-white fluffy stuff that magic mushrooms grow from. This mycelium colony has all the nutrients it will need to grow magic mushrooms multiple times in a row (called flushes).

This means you just need our magic mushroom growing kit, some water and patience to grow your own psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms at home. Everything you need can be found in the grow kit box that we will send you.


Those who seek a Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit or a psychedelic experience know that growing your own magic mushrooms is the best way to make sure the quality of your shrooms can be trusted. The best part is that you can order magic mushroom grow kits online and they will be discretely delivered to your home. Magic mushroom grow kit will allow you to grow Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms in your home.

Is it Legal to Buy Mushroom Grow Kits?

are mushroom grow kits legal?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes. Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit is entirely legal, since the overwhelming majority of mushrooms are perfectly legal to grow, possess, dehydrate, re-hydrate, and enjoy in a delicious omelette. The kit itself is perfectly legal, but what you do with it—and what kind of mushrooms you grow—might not be, depending on where you live.

In most cases, the legal trouble you can run into with a mushroom grow kit is when you’re using it as a psilocybe grow kit in the USA… or in other words, when you’re using it as a magic mushroom grow kit.

So-called “magic mushrooms” contain psilocybin, which is listed in the Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule I substance. In other words, it’s illegal in most of the United States and many other countries too.

Having said that, if you plan to use one of our wonderful All-in-One Grow Kits to cultivate and harvest anything from shiitake to button mushrooms, nobody will bat an eye because you’re not doing anything wrong!

A little later in this article we’ll tell you all about everything you could ever want to know about the best mushroom grow kits—where to get them, what they should include, and more—but for now, let’s answer a few more legal questions, beginning with one that’s caused a lot of confusion, particularly in our hometown of Denver, Colorado.

Why are these kits so low in price, is something wrong with them?

No nothing is wrong with these kits. They are just getting close to their best before date.


How does Magic Mushrooms Shop know the best before date?

When we receive the grow kits from our supplier, Magic Mushrooms Shop labels the grow kits with the week number from that week. The best before date from our grow kits is 6 weeks after this week number. The cultivation process from our grow kits should be started within these 6 weeks.


How do I know the best before date?

The grow kits have stickers on the box. The sticker with two numbers shows the week number Magic Mushrooms Shop has received this kit.


Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit are available in 9 main Psilocybe Cubensis grow kit that you can easily grow at home. Here are they listed from beginner grow kit strains to the strongest available anywhere in the market.

  • Mexican Grow Kit
  • Thai Grow Kit
  • B+ Grow Kit
  • Cambodian Grow Kit
  • Colombian Grow Kit
  • Equadorian Grow Kit
  • Mazatapec Grow Kit
  • Golden Teacher Grow Kit
  • McKennaii Grow Kit


Which grow kit will I receive?

We will send you the grow kit that has been in our storage longer than others. We will choose one for you so… surprise  There is another sticker on the box that indicates which strain you have received.


Can I store the short dated magic mushroom grow kit in the fridge to grow it later?

No. Start right away. If you have it shipped to a different address, parcel point or postoffice, pick it up immediately so you can start growing. Don’t wait for days, that is the whole thing with short dated stock: there is not much time left to start!


Here at trippyspot magic mushroom grow kit online shop we value our customer privacy and focus on ultra-fast delivery. Our packaging is boring so there are no logos or any indication of what can be inside the shipments you receive. Furthermore, our delivery times are one of the best in the market, so you know your magic mushroom grow kits will be shipped ASAP and you will receive your growing kit in a matter of days.



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