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Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® is one of the most popular strains to grow due to its beautiful shape. The B + strain is much less pronounced. With the B + mushroom, you can be sure that you will be feeling happy and positive for hours on end. Of course, it depends on how much and what state of mind you are in. 

Due to the quality of the fungus and the level of the active ingredient, Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® is considerably more potent in action than many other traditional B + grow kits available.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms®Beautiful Growing Experience

Part of the reason why B+ is so popular is because the mushrooms themselves are very exotic and pretty. Once you see these mushrooms start to pop up form our ready to grow substrate, you’ll see why people love this type so much.Strong, Consistent Growing Type

While growing mushrooms may seem like an intimidating process, it’s not that hard at all — especially Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms®. Whether your intention is to grow these mushrooms for pleasure, resell the finished product to others or simply to try it out, this is one of the best kits to buy.

Psylocibe Cubensis B+ mushrooms are native to the west coast of the USA. They are well known thanks to their great powerlarge size and for their ease of cultivation.

B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

Open the box carefully and remove the Magic Mushroom grow kit, paperclip, and bag. With your gloves and mask in place, take the lid off of the kit. Rinse this well and put in a clean location to use later. Likewise, protect it from contaminants as much as possible.

Set up the plastic grow bag on a steady surface and sent to the mushroom growing kit firmly in the bottom. Loosely tuck the open top of the bag under the grow box so that the perforated side is on top. There is no need for additional air circulation at this stage of the mushroom growing process.

The growing kit should stay in a reasonably bright location out of direct sunlight. The ideal temperatures for mushroom growing range between 18 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. This will get you the biggest B+ harvest. If your room does not stay between these values, consider purchasing a heat mat to set under the mushroom growing kit.

Approximately one week after you set up the grow kit for cultivation, the first B+ mushrooms called pins will appear. At this point, pull the folded top of the bag out from under the grow box and open it up on top. This releases excess moisture and helps the mushrooms grow bigger. Do not water them.

In two weeks from the initial set up, the first mushrooms are ready to harvest. This must be done before any spores are released. Depending on the temperature, moisture levels, and other factors, the mushrooms may take a little less or more time to reach maturity.

The Magic Mushroom growing kit gives you repeated harvests to enjoy for a long time. After you pick the first batch, pour clean, cold water into the grow bag. Put the clean lid over the box, wait 12 hours, carefully pour off the excess water, and begin the growing process over again. This “cold shock” reinvigorates the mushroom spores and replaces any lost moisture used when growing the first ones.

Mushroom Growing Kit Storage

Start using your Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® as soon as you receive it. If you cannot do so and want to delay cultivation, place the kit inside a soaking bag and tuck it into your refrigerator for up to four weeks. This will keep the mushroom spores in stasis and allow them to grow once you take them out and warm them up.

Ideal Mushroom Growing Temperature

The perfect mushroom growing temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. They should grow successfully anywhere between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius in most cases. Maintaining proper temperature may require a heat mat in colder rooms and climates.

B+ XP Mushroom Cake info:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis B + growing kit
  • 1200ml of fully colonised grain substrate
  • Fresh and quality mycelium
  • Gives up to 5 or 6 harvest if optimal conditions are maintained
  • First harvest in about 15 days
  • Includes bag with air filter and clip closure

Consult the Fresh mushrooms cultivation manual:


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